Are your recruiting practices really the best practices? The answer can help your business attract the right talent, the wrong talent, or no talent at all. Take a closer look to see what you could be missing.

Customized Processes

Recruitment processes that work well for one business might not work well for yours. Gather a knowledgeable task force to establish the best practices for your business. Processes should be clearly defined so they can easily be adopted as the standard for everyone involved in hiring employees. Otherwise, the results will be limited.

Focus on the Business Goals

What are your business goals? Recruitment best practices should be strategically built around them. It helps the recruiting team stay focused on finding candidates who will work within the business culture to help achieve company goals. When business goals are clearly in mind, it can make it easier to determine if a candidate is right for the job.

Build Relationships with Hiring Managers

The recruitment team should establish good relationships with hiring managers. The pressure to fill positions quickly can be passed on to recruiters. How should recruiters manage the rush?

  • Build trust. Hiring managers need to know that recruiters’ interests are their interests. They should be assured recruiters are working in their behalf to find the best candidates for the job. Be accessible and reliable, and consistently follow through.
  • Thorough, regular communication. Find out what talent hiring managers really need. If you don’t find the right candidates, the process will have to start all over again—costing valuable time and money. Provide hiring managers with regular status checks throughout the hiring process.
  • Service level agreements. Everyone involved in the hiring process should understand and agree with who is responsible for each task and why, and agree on timeframes to complete the tasks.


About 30 percent of new hires are from employee referral programs. When referral programs are highly promoted, the results are better—up to 45 percent. Your employees know their friends and can often recommend candidates who will adapt to company culture and readily help your business achieve its goals.

Identify the Characteristics of Top Performers

Identify the qualities of top performers in your business and use the data to build and maintain a pool of strong candidates. Employee assessments, recognition programs, promotion history, and client reviews can help you identify characteristics that get results. Use the data to help with the following:

  • Screening candidates
  • Developing behavioral-based interview questions
  • Testing

Are you looking to improve your recruiting process?

If you have an in-house recruitment team, your business should invest in, train, and retain highly skilled recruiters who are committed to following best practices. Training and development for recruiters and hiring managers should be ongoing. But Priority One can simplify the process for you. We have a highly skilled team that follows recruitment best practices and stays current with employment laws and recruitment technology. Request an employee today and discover why so many employers trust us for staffing services.

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