Are you ready for a change? How can you build your career and keep the momentum going?

Consider three keys to success.

Key #1: Develop a Marketing Plan

Most people who want to build their career feel that their skills, knowledge, and talent are under-utilized in their current role. But you have to convince prospective employers of your value. A marketing plan will build your conviction and your enthusiasm for the job search. An effective plan includes:

  • Job type – Prepare a clear statement of the type job you want and the reasons you really want it.
  • Positions titles – Write down at least three to four positions titles that fit your objective. It will help you stay focused during your search and avoid accepting a job that will leave you disappointed.
  • Your value – What qualifications are employers seeking for the role? Clearly describe your value in those terms.
  • Relevant talents and qualities – List them, along with specific examples from your work history that prove it. It will make it easier to create a focused resume and to answer interview questions.
  • Companies that offer the role you want – Do online research to help you gather this information. It will help you conduct a targeted, meaningful job search. And it will increase your chances of finding the right job.

Key #2: Network

But not just with peers in your current job role. If you limit yourself to your current colleagues, you’ll miss out on opportunities that result from networking. Join professional, social networking groups and associations related to the industry and job type you’re pursuing. Look for local, professional events to help you meet new contacts face to face.

Key #3: Perfect Your Résumé

Recruiters receive hundreds of résumés, and they only have a few seconds to look at each of them. Your résumé is your marketing tool—the first thing prospective employers learn about your brand—what you represent. So perfect it. It must be appealing and targeted. Many job seekers have found value in using a professional résumé service. Ensure your résumé includes these key features:

  • Brevity
  • Careful editing
  • Consistent format
  • Easy to read
  • Focused on your skills and attributes for the target position

Accelerate the Process of Building Your Career

At Priority One Staffing Services, we can accelerate the process of building your career. We have long-term relationships with many employers who are looking for your talent, and we can quickly identify the ones that match your interests and careers goals. Apply with us. Check out new jobs near you!

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