If your business is looking for a staffing partner, you probably want more than an agency that just sends you a bunch of résumés. For a partnership to have real value, relationship matters. But how do you choose the right staffing company for your business?

Your Staffing Agency Needs to Understand Your Business

The effectiveness of a staffing agency in meeting your requirements depends a lot on how well they understand your business. Otherwise, valuable time can be wasted, and the completion of projects can be delayed. You can receive a cycle of employees who aren’t equipped to fulfill a job role. Clearly communicate the following information about your business:

  • Function
  • Culture
  • Goals
  • Projected staffing needs

It’s helpful to keep the agency informed about the job performance of employees you receive from them. Also let them know about any changes in a job description or in your projected staffing needs. The information you provide will help your agency in several ways, including:

  • Planning ahead for your staffing needs
  • Making recommendations on whether you should seek temporary, temp-to hire, or direct-hire placement for a position
  • Determining if adjustments are needed to the candidate selection process

You Need to Know Your Agency

Most staffing agencies have specific industries for which they excel in providing talent. An agency might specialize in talent for health care, information technology, construction, education, or a combination of industries. Before you select a staffing partner, find out if it’s a match for your business industry and the types of positions you want to fill. Take time to research and screen potential staffing partners to learn about the services they provide in the following categories:

  • Geographic location
  • Industries
  • Job types
  • Skill levels

What are the benefits of choosing an agency that understands and regularly services your industry?

  • They already have a pre-qualified workforce for your industry and can quickly provide you with candidates who match your staffing needs.
  • They understand what types of employees will blend with your work culture.
  • A single source saves time and money that might otherwise be spent contacting multiple agencies to find the right talent.
  • They add value by giving you constructive feedback. And they will help you accurately strategize, project, and understand your options.

Choose an Experienced Partner

At Priority One Staffing Services, since 1995 we’ve developed and maintained successful partnerships with many businesses in the Baltimore area. We invite you to partner with us for specialized talent in the following areas:

  • Administrative/Clerical
  • Call Center
  • Financial
  • Health Care
  • Human Resources

Contact us to learn more about how your business can benefit from our staffing solutions.

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