Is effective staffing a priority for your business? The answer affects employee productivity, retention, and customer experience. And those factors have a significant impact on whether your business fails or succeeds.

What are five keys to effective staffing?

1. Goals

No business is successful without clear goals. Clear goals help you take action to ensure your organization has what it needs to meet them. Staffing must be a priority to select the right talent to help your business meet its goals.

2. Planning

Staffing projections ensure the right staff is in place when you need them. Accurate projections require tracking the history of business activities to identify when staffing requirements need to be adjusted. Onboarding, training, and new-hire adjustment periods should be completed before peak periods, special events, or holidays begin. Getting the timing right will ensure your team can be productive during crunch time so your business doesn’t lose money or customers.

3. Recruitment

Recruiting involves more than selecting people to fill specific job roles. When staffing is a priority, the selection process includes several factors:

  • Hiring the right candidates for the right positons
  • Finding candidates who can be coached, trained, and developed to assume more responsibility in the future
  • Interviewing candidates to determine if they are interested in and capable of career growth and development

4. Guidelines

An effective staffing strategy has clear guidelines for your hiring managers and recruitment team to attract and retain the right talent. Everyone involved in the hiring process should understand how their decisions affect business strategy, values, and goals. Guidelines should create an awareness of the following:

  • Trends in compensation and benefits based on your industry and location
  • Appropriate skills-based and behavioral interview questions
  • How to use online data/social networking to learn about candidates
  • Proper interviewing techniques that respect employment law and anti-discriminations laws

5. Retention

Great staffing solutions focus on retention. In many ways, the cost of losing an employee is greater than the cost of hiring one. If staffing isn’t a priority, turnover can result. And the losses are great because the remaining employees are affected. What could this mean for your business? Consider some areas that might be impacted:

  • Employee engagement
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Quality of customer service
  • Training
  • Workplace culture

The Difference a Staffing Partner Can Make

When you find the right staffing partner, it simplifies the process of projecting for, recruiting, and retaining the best talent. At Priority One Staffing, we’ve become a trusted resource for talent in Baltimore, MD and throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Find out why we’re the first choice for so many employers and contact us today!

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