On average, a job searcher spends 11 hours per week looking for employment. What can you do to ensure your time is well spent?

Consider three strategies to make your job search easier.

Strategy #1: Job Search Alerts

Let the opportunities come to you. Use job search engines to create job alerts. You can receive notifications of available opportunities by e-mail or through an app on your mobile device. You can choose to receive alerts on a daily or weekly basis. Job search engines supply opportunities from multiple sources, so alerts from one or two of them will be enough.

Before you create an alert, try different ways to search for jobs that interest you, and determine what provides the best results. Search options include:

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Keywords
  • Location

Strategy #2: Social Media/Network

Social media and online networking can help your job search in several ways. Two ways include:

Learn about company culture – If you follow a company on social media, you can learn about its culture, clients, and its accomplishments. These facts will help you determine if you really want to work for a company or if you will quickly become dissatisfied and want to make another job change.

Develop a personal brand – Your social profile—especially on LinkedIn—can help companies find you and learn about you. Regardless of your social account, it’s important to maintain professionalism, because many businesses search for social profiles to see if you’re the type of candidate they want as an employee. Some tips include:

  • Keep your name consistent throughout your accounts
  • Display a professional profile photo
  • Maintain professionalism in the photos and comments you post

Strategy #3: Connect with Recruiters

Recruiters have connections. Connecting with them expands your network with employers who have the types of jobs you want. How can you select the right recruiter to help you find the job you want? Compare their services with your employment needs. Below are a few things to consider:

  • Types of jobs the agency has available
  • Locations served by the agency
  • Work options available through the agency

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