Even if you’re satisfied with your current job, one of the best ways to prepare for a planned—or unexpected—job change is to make yourself more marketable in your current role. Discover three keys to becoming more marketable.

1. Improve Your Skills

Even if you’re proficient in your current role, acquiring new skills can make you even more marketable. There are several ways expand your skills:

  • Projects – Volunteer for team or company projects. In the process, you might have to learn new skills, technology, or techniques, or become more effective with the skills you already have.
  • New responsibilities – Ask for additional responsibility. Managers are often willing to delegate appropriate tasks to trustworthy employees. The new responsibilities can expand your leadership skills and your experience in providing work direction to others.
  • Mentoring – Mentoring can help you develop skills that contribute to your professional growth. Your communication skills, ability to lead and motivate others, and opportunities to teach less-experienced professionals will result in personal and professional advantages.

2. Participate in Continuing Education

Does your company offer tuition reimbursement or opportunities for continuing education? If so, make full use of them. Look for courses or certification programs that relate to your current role and future job interests. Learning new technology, techniques, or processes, will make you a more competitive candidate.

3. Network

There are several ways to expand your professional network. Consider a few:

Through your employer – Networking with clients, colleagues, and managers helps build your reputation as a professional. The relationships you establish can give you access to job leads and provide professional references.

Online – Ensure your online profile is professional and current. Your profile will get noticed by professionals in industries similar to yours, and that can help you establish more connections and get you closer to your next career move.

Professional associations – Become an active member of professional associations. Participate in their online forums, community initiatives, and meetings. Build relationships that will contribute to your professional growth and help you make connections with organizations you admire and would like to work for in the future.

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