Why would outsourcing their recruiting make companies happy? Consider five advantages to getting help in attracting the right talent.

1. Recruiting Costs Are Lower

Reduced recruiting costs are a top reason many businesses choose to outsource. Money spent on job boards, running ads, and hiring the wrong candidates can be saved when you have a reliable staffing partner. An agency’s network, pool of qualified workers, and streamlined processes for interviewing and testing can help pinpoint top candidates faster.

2. Scalable Workforce

Peak seasons, new products, or other variables can create fluctuation in the number of employees your business needs. When you outsource recruiting, your staffing partner can help you accurately project the workforce needed during specific periods. It’s easier to scale up or down to meet business demands with temporary or seasonal workers than with hiring regular, full-time or part-time workers.

3. Consistent and Predictable Processes

Your staffing partner will track applicant and recruitment processes for you. At any time, if you want to know if a position is being recruited for, if interviews have been scheduled, or if an offer has been made to a candidate, you can get a prompt answer. A small to medium-sized business with multiple departments can easily make the wrong hire—or not hire at all—without adequate applicant tracking.

4. Better Candidate Quality

Usually, hiring managers must quickly review scores of resumes and look for candidates who seem to have the skills and qualifications needed for a position. Your staffing agency knows the employees in their talent pool and can provide you with information beyond what their resumes reveal, including:

  • Personality type
  • Work ethic
  • They type of work culture they thrive in

5. Build a Better Reputation for Your Brand

When recruiting processes run smoothly, new hires will tell their friends and family, and that helps build a better reputation for your brand. A reliable staffing partner will present you with quality candidates who through social media, online reviews, or word of mouth will attract similar, potential candidates. As the cycle repeats itself and you continue to acquire top contributors, ultimately, it will make your business a better place to work.

Experienced Staffing Partners

Since 1984, Priority One Staffing has helped businesses save on recruiting costs, forecast their staffing needs, and build their reputation as a preferred employer. We can do the same for your business. Learn more about our specialized talent solutions. Contact us to learn more!

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