As an owner or a manager, it is tempting to think you can handle every aspect of your business. After all, there are books, podcasts, and YouTube videos on every topic imaginable. However, despite the best intentions, there are limits to what each of us can effectively learn and accomplish. Sometimes bringing in an expert saves time, money, and frustration.

To the outside world, hiring may seem easy. Just post a want ad and conduct a few interviews. This is far from the truth. As Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit, once commented, “Hiring’s tough. It’s not just filtering through hundreds of applications and blocking out big chunks of your day for interviews – those are the simple parts. The difficult thing is the nagging feeling that, despite your best efforts, the perfect candidate will somehow fall through the cracks.”

This is where the experts at a staffing service can help.

 How Can an Employment Agency Make My Life Easier?

Save Time

Employment agencies can assist companies of all sizes. Smaller organizations may struggle with the lack of resources to hire, while mid and large size corporations may find the volume of assignments taxing. Staffing service professionals specialize in recruiting, screening, and placing the best candidates. This frees up time for you to focus on running your company.

Save Money

Recruiting and hiring are expensive. Then, of course, there are the added costs of benefits, and sometimes unfortunately termination. Temporary staff are employed by the staffing service, not by your company. There is no need to guarantee a designated number of hours or to provide health insurance or a retirement plan. Also, an employment agency will be responsible for workers comp, liability, and unemployment insurance.

Manage Fluctuations in Employment

Does your company experience surges in business or seasonal projects? A working relationship with a staffing agency will guarantee easy access to qualified workers as needed. This will give you peace of mind, protect your regular employees from burnout, and prevent the added costs of overtime.

Avoid Bad Hires

Hiring can be risky. Sometimes that great candidate that everyone loved turns out to be a disaster. Terminating an employee is both expensive and disruptive to the entire organization. Most staffing services provide a temp-to-hire option. This gives you a chance to “try before you buy” and focus on investing in the “best fits” for your organization.

 Find the Right Staffing Service for You

 Working with a staffing service should be a partnership. One of our satisfied clients commented, “Priority One takes the time to personally know our business, our team, and our culture. They are responsive and diligent in their pursuit of the right candidate.” The group you choose to work with should not only fill your positions, but also listen to your requests and meet your exact needs.

Are you tired of constantly worrying about hiring? Do you think outsourcing your recruiting could make you happier? Contact us today to learn more about Using a Staffing Service.

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