Perhaps, after some debate, your company is finally considering using a staffing service. Or, maybe your organization has worked with an employment agency in the past with positive or not so positive results. In any case, it is important to remember that relationship matters, especially over time.

In the short term, a “good fit” temporary agency will be able to efficiently fill your vacancies. However, a recruiting firm that works to supply your hiring needs over an extended period is likely to provide far greater benefits, including the ever-elusive acquisition of top talent.

How Working with Employment Agency Will Improve Our Talent Pool?

They Have Access to More Resources

When there is an opening, most companies post a job description and wait for resumes. However, often the best person may never apply because he or she currently is not job hunting. Staffing services are in the hiring business. Even when there are no openings in your organization, employment agencies constantly are scanning the market for the most qualified workers. They have broad networks, large databases, and thousands of resumes on file. Often, they are able identify and to recruit a top employee that your company would never have found during the few weeks your job posting was active.

They “Get” Your Company’s Needs

In his book Work Rules, Laszlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google, wrote, “Superb hiring isn’t just about recruiting the biggest name, top salesperson, or cleverest engineer. It’s about finding the very best people who will be successful in the context of your organization, and who will make everyone around them more successful.”  In the hiring process, it is easy to focus on qualifications and forget about the right personality. An effective staffing agency, especially one you have worked with over a longer period, will understand both your staffing needs and your company. They will be able to identify not only top talent but the top talent that will work best for your organization.

They Are Experts in the Hiring Business

Most corporations manage hiring on an as-needed basis. Employment agencies, on the other hand, are continually in the trenches. The experts at a staffing service are familiar with market trends, skill supply and demand, and market rates. They can assist your company in making more informed and economical hiring decisions, as well as addressing extended employment and recruiting plans for finding the best performing employees today and tomorrow.

Where Do I Find the Best Staffing Service?

There are sure to be numerous recruiting agencies in your area, but it is important to do your homework. A temporary service that works great for the business down the road may not be the best option for your company. To learn more about conducting your research and making an informed choice refer to our previous blog post Relationship Matters When Partnering with a Staffing Company. Contact us today to learn more about how we can best partner with you.

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