In almost every organization, there are a handful of indispensable employees. These are the workers who would be very difficult if not almost impossible to replace. They bring value not only in skills but also in commitment. They are highly respected by their peers and the go-to-person when decisions need to be made or when problems arise.

Indispensable employees have the advantages of prestige and job security. Although charismatic CEOs and innovative leaders may immediately come to mind, valuable workers can appear in any department and at any level.

What can you do to make yourself essential to your workplace?
Start by focusing on the following traits.

Qualities of Indispensable Employees 

1. High Standards

Top workers bring their best to everything they do. The accept challenges, become experts in their field and constantly raise the bar on their performance. They do what they say they will do and honor their commitments.

2. Great Work Ethic

Indispensable employees are willing to arrive early and work late. They reach out and help others without expecting repayment. Often, they expand their role beyond their job description.

3. Love of Learning

It is easy to become comfortable in a position, but the most talented employees look for new and innovative ways to accomplish tasks. Valuable workers are self-motivated. They take advantage of on-the-job training and use their free time to learn new and applicable skills.

4. Willingness to Work as a Team

Indispensable employees are not looking for individual praise or rewards. They seek to prove themselves to both their supervisors and their peers. These are the point people who will be there to assist with problems and to mentor co-workers.

5. Flexibility

The most valuable workers are open and adaptable to new ideas. When things go wrong, they stay composed and address the issues. Mistakes and failures are not setbacks for them, but rather opportunities to improve.

6. Dedication

The best employees commit to making a difference to the company, their fellow workers, their friends and their family. This can be a bit counterintuitive. Being indispensable is not about power, glory or status. It is about contributing to something bigger than yourself and serving others.

What If You Are Replaceable?

 We have all heard the expression, “Everyone is replaceable.” Unfortunately, it is true. Your boss and co-workers may not want to imagine replacing you, but that does not make you irreplaceable. And, of course, landscapes change. A different boss, a new technology, or a corporate restructuring could easily reorder employee rankings.

So, is it worth striving to be indispensable? Definitely. Being indispensable is about taking charge of who you are and how you want to show up. Work hard, be loyal and consider the unexpected. Everyone always should have a back-up plan for their own peace of mind.

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