Every company wants to hire the most talented employees, but this is easier said than done. Often, organizations look for quick answers. They use tangible rewards to entice the best and the brightest. Think big salaries, free lunches, fancy titles or even offices filled with beanbag chairs and lava lamps. These are great incentives, and they may tempt some top performers to join your group. However, perks alone will not build a sustainable talent pipeline.

Company culture and personal motivation are more complicated than carrots and sticks. If your organization is serious about finding and retaining the best people, you need to dig deeper and develop an employment brand.

Three Strategies for Better Recruiting

1) Provide Inspiration

Best-selling author and marketing consultant Simon Sinek writes, “Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, they hire already motivated people and inspire them.” Show your employees how they are making a difference, treat them with respect and value their contributions. The word will get out.

2) Differentiate

Every company wants to be the “coolest in town,” but this is difficult if not impossible to achieve and maintain. Instead ask, “What makes our company special?” Then craft an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) based on your responses. For example, Apple’s full education reimbursement program appeals directly to the type of employee they are looking to hire. A company that designs innovative new products needs people with a strong desire to learn and grow. (Gallup, 2016)

3) Look for Culture Fit

It is important to recognize that the “best” people may not be the best people for your organization. Southwest Airlines is legendary for hiring for attitude over skills. Julie Weber, the current Vice-President of People at Southwest Airlines, commented “if it comes down to two equally qualified candidates, the one with Southwest values will receive the offer. And, more importantly, when we’re faced with a qualified candidate who doesn’t have the right values, we won’t make an offer – no matter how long the job has gone unfilled.” (Harvard Business Review, 2016) In order to keep job satisfaction high and retention rates low, define the key cultural attributes you want employees to have and adjust the hiring process according.

4) How Can You Measure Success?

Of course, finding and appealing to top talent can be a moving target. Successful companies recognize the need to constantly evaluate and fine-tune their tactics. Nevertheless, you should have a general idea if your organization is on the right track.

5) Look for the following indicators:

  • There are plenty of high-quality applicants for job postings.
  • Potential hires are knowledgeable about and excited to work for your company.
  • Current employees refer their friends and relatives for open positions.
  • Your organization has a positive community image.

Are you looking for top talent?

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