Changing careers can be incredibly scary! After all, you have put time into your current occupation and invested in your education. Depending on the circumstances you most likely will need to learn new skills, take risks, and of course, start over.

However, if you are willing to take the leap, a career change can lead to a better you.

Four Advantages of a Career Change

1) A Second Chance

Perhaps you chose your occupation when you were young. Now, you are a different person and the work no longer appeals to you. Or, maybe times have changed. You suspect that you are in an industry that is slowly (or quickly) becoming obsolete. Either way, you do not have to feel stuck. Many work skills are transferable. Career changes can turn into adventures you never imagined.

2) More Freedom

You may have picked your first career based on the expectations of others or for financial reasons. Time has allowed you to put those obligations behind you. Now, you have the option to pursue a passion. This may be an opportunity for you to express yourself, follow a dream or even make more money.

3) Greater Happiness

Since a five-day work week adds up to 260 days per year, a job you do not like will affect your well-being. Your current situation may be causing you undue stress or making you miserable. If

you can find an occupation that pays the bills and that you enjoy, chances are, you will be happier overall. Not only will you be more enthusiastic about your job, but also you will not have to waste your down-time dreading the next work day.

4) Increased Learning Opportunities

Maybe you have hit a what best-selling author Jon Acuff describes as a Career Ceiling. Your job requires you to complete the same repetitive tasks, while the skills you are excited to use idle. There may be no room for growth or advancement. On the other hand, maybe you would like to jump out of your comfort zone and try something completely new. A career change can allow you to try new things and push your limits. This is your chance to expand your brain.

How to Do I Start?

Before making important life decisions, it is important to have a plan. There are plenty of stories of career changes gone wrong. You don’t want to add to those numbers. Before you throw caution to the wind and quit your job, consider what you are going to do.

One great option is to call an employment agency. Staffing firms can provide expert advice on career transitions, as well as paid work assignments in your newly chosen field. You can evaluate different career options, gain on-the-job experience, expand your network, and build your path to success.

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