Working with Priority One.

Answering questions and providing solutions to our clients has helped us form successful partnerships with our clients. If you’re thinking of working with Priority One, hopefully the answers below will provide you some insight into working with us. If you have different questions, just contact us!


How much will it cost my company?

The cost to you will vary based on several factors including account volume, workers’ comp costs and lead time for our staffing managers. Priority One Staffing Services is committed to providing quality employees to your company at a competitive price.

What is the process for finding employees through Priority One Staffing Services?

Our search and recruitment efforts begin immediately. Priority One Staffing Services will identify the details of your position so we can refer the most qualified applicants. Clearly understanding your needs and the requirements of the position are essential to the screening and selection process.

How long will it take to have an employee in our company?

The time frame for successfully finding an employee for you is going to vary based on our current employee base and your specific needs. We are committed to sending the most qualified applicants. You may decide to look at the most qualified applicants and do an interview, or we can fill a position based on the qualifications you provide.

What kind of pre-employment checks do you provide?

Confirmation of prior employment references are an essential first step. Beyond that we have contracted with several vendors for criminal background checks, drug testing, education verification, etc.  It is important to identify the pre-employment procedures that most closely mirror the same steps you would use in your own human resources department.

What kind of jobs do you fill?

Priority One Staffing Services is a full-service staffing company. By having a broad base of applicants, as well as various recruiting resources, we can meet your needs in most areas of your business. This runs the gamut from clerical to professional, administrative to technical and managerial to executive.

Why should I use Priority One Staffing Services instead of filling the position on my own?

By opting to use our services, you have also made a wise risk-management decision.

  • Time Saving – Our experience in recruiting, screening and placement is extensive. We become an extension of your human resource effort and allow you to stay focused on the more important goal of running your business.
  • Cost Saving – We handle the costs of workers’ comp, liability and unemployment insurance. We also alleviate the expense of recruiting and screening applicants.
  • Anxiety Reduction – We take the hiring risk out of your hands. By using our temporary- to-hire program, you will have the luxury of ensuring an employee is a good hire before making that commitment.


We’re here to make hiring easier for you.

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