Have you thought about finding employment by working with a staffing service? If you’ve applied for dozens of positons on job-search websites, but haven’t received a response, you’re not alone. Knowing the options and benefits of partnering with an agency can help you make an informed decision that gets results.

Benefits of Working with a Staffing Service

When you partner with a staffing service, it simplifies and expedites the process of getting a job. How?

  • A network with many local employers – Staffing agencies establish relationships with many local employers in a variety of industries. Their experience with employers makes them a good resource to learn about a company and what others say it’s like to work there.
  • Employers depend on them – Increasing numbers of employers depend on employment agencies to fill positons. It helps them keep up with the demand for talent.
  • Your résumé will get noticed – When you submit your résumé with a staffing service, it will be included in an applicant tracking system. If you’re a match for available positions, your skills will be tested, you will be interviewed, and further details about your employment history and experience will be gathered to help recruiters effectively market you to employers.

What Are Your Options?

Job opportunities with a staffing agency appeal to people in a variety of circumstances, including those in these categories:

  • Looking for a permanent position
  • Desiring a temporary position
  • Entering or re-entering the workforce
  • Exploring career options
  • Seeking an industry change
  • Wanting to gain additional skills
  • Desiring to fill in employment gaps

Employment Types

Staffing agencies offer a variety of employment types. There are benefits for each of them.

Short-term temporary – You can see what it’s like to work in a specific industry, environment, or job role. This job type allows you to test out a variety of positions and make a more confident career choice.

Long-term temporary – A long-term assignment can continue for months. It can provide opportunities for you to use specialized skills and make an impact on business goals. If you want to acquire new skills, learn new technology, or gain experience in a new area, a long-term assignment can be appealing.

Temporary to permanent – Many people accept a permanent job only to find out it’s not a match for their interests or skills. A temp-to-perm assignment gives you and the employer time to decide if it’s the right job for you.

Direct hire – If you’re looking for a permanent position, a staffing agency can place you as a direct hire of a company. The agency’s partnership with local business can make it easier and faster for you to find a position that matches your interests and career goals.

Staffing Experience You Can Trust

For more than 20 years, Priority One Staffing Services has successfully connected job seekers and employers to their mutual benefit. We can do the same for you.

Start your search for opportunities with us.

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