A new job can be exciting. But if you make a hasty move just to get out of the company, you might regret it later. Taking the time to explore multiple opportunities can help you find a job you really want. What should you ask yourself during your search? Consider for key questions.

Will the Work Be Satisfying?

Estimates show that one in three employees plan to quit their job within the next six months. Workplace dissatisfaction is a common reason they want to quit. What can make your work satisfying?

  • Find a company that makes a difference. What is the purpose of the business? Is it environmentally conscious? Is it active in the community? Find multiple companies you might be interested in, and ask questions to learn if you want to join their mission.
  • Your work is valued and managers let you know it. Find out if your prospective employer has an employee recognition program. Whether it’s a simple “thank you” or a tangible award, workers who know they are valued want to stay.
  • It’s right for your personality.  Certain personalities thrive in certain environments and work cultures. What’s the culture like in the companies that interest you? The answer can make a difference in whether or not you enjoy coming to work each day.
  • You’re challenged and encouraged to grow. Find out if each company offers educational opportunities, tuition reimbursement, a mentoring program, career development, or challenging projects or assignments. Opportunity for growth promotes job satisfaction.

Do You Respect the Company and Your Prospective Boss?

What are the company’s values? Do they align with yours? Your energy and motivation can be drained if you work for a company whose values conflict with yours.

Your interaction with your manager impacts each work day, as well as your long-term goals with the company. If a friend recommended that you apply, ask him or her about your prospective boss’s management style.  Otherwise, ask questions during your interview to get clues as to what you can expect.

Is the Work/Life Balance Right for You?

Do you value work-life balance? Find out what each employer has to offer. The daily requirements for work hours or required weekends might not match your lifestyle or your family’s needs. In contrast, you might be able to enjoy flexible work hours or to occasionally work from home.

How Will It Affect Your Financial Future?

Before you switch jobs, consider the impact on your financial future. Take a close look at multiple companies and consider how the following will affect your finances:

  • Your pay
  • Company investment plans and contributions
  • Company vesting schedule
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Sick and vacation pay
  • Medical and dental insurance premiums and copays

Simplifying Your Search

At Priority One Staffing, we can simplify your job search. Our network of employers, along with our database of available positons can help you find a career that matches your skills, interests, and career goals.

If you are looking for a new job – Apply today!

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