Most American workers agree that a job that provides work-life balance is very important to them. But most employers offer limited opportunities for it. Is work-life balance really that important? And is it achievable?

Reasons Work-Life Balance Is So Important

There are many benefits to work-life balance. The four benefits listed below can have a positive impact whether you’re at work or at home.

1. Reduces Stress

Stress is normal. But burnout isn’t. Work-life balance helps you become better equipped to handle stressful situations at work and at home.

2. Improves Focus

Balance helps you control your focus. At the office, you can focus on work, accomplish your goals, and leave workplace stress behind at the end of the day. At home, your focus can change to the needs of your family or friends. It takes time and effort, but giving proper attention to work or your personal obligations at the right time can help you enjoy both.

3. Increases Productivity

Studies show that sustained work-life balance helps you to be more productive at work and at home. It prevents you from spending excessive time at work or from checking out at home to handle work-related matters that can wait.

4. Improves Health

Balancing work and personal life includes taking care of your health. Regular exercise and proper nutrition help you become a more energized and efficient worker and a more engaged companion for your family and friends.

It Is Achievable

Work-life balance takes effort, but it’s achievable. Consider five keys:

1. Set boundaries

Set reasonable boundaries for yourself and your work schedule. You can be a top contributor without having to be constantly accessible.

2. Take time off

It’s the only way to avoid burnout. When you’re at home, avoid needlessly checking and answering voicemail, e-mail, and text messages. Setting aside some technology-free time can help you unwind.

3. Prioritize

Determine what’s urgent and what can wait. Handle issues according to their priority. And avoid procrastination. Trying to resolve issues at the last minute can increase stress.

4. Be organized

  • Create a schedule
  • Make lists
  • Declutter your workspace and your living space

5. Remember that balance doesn’t mean equal

It’s impossible to divide your time and attention equally. Special projects at work can demand more of your time usual. But don’t let it take over unnecessarily or permanently. Openly communicate to your manager and your family members when a work project or family responsibilities must take priority.

Looking for New Opportunities?

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