The accepted length for a resume is one or two pages. Shorter is generally better. However, depending on the position and your experience, you may need to expand.

What If My Resume Is Too Long?

At first, it may seem difficult, but you can trim your document. Use these tips to get started.

Delete the Following

* Personal data beyond your phone number and email

* Photographs unless you are applying for a modeling or acting position

* Grammar, elementary or middle school

* High school unless high school is your highest degree

* Work experience past the 10 to 15-year mark unless it is directly related

* Unrelated work experience unless it leaves unemployment gaps

* Obsolete skills

* Hobbies

* Names and contact information of former employers

* “References available upon request”

Customize As a good rule of thumb, always modify your resume to match the position for which you are applying. Many companies use Application Tracking Systems which screen resumes for keywords and phrases that match the job description. Wherever possible, remove skills, experiences or past employment that do not directly relate. This will allow you to make your resume not only brief but also to the point. After all, you need to focus primarily on what makes you a good fit for the position.

Keep Descriptions Brief Most jobs involve a variety of skills and duties; therefore, you will have no problem writing a long list of responsibilities from previous positions. But, resist the temptation to be long-winded! Since the average recruiter spends less than six seconds looking at a resume, you need to quickly bring attention to the most important details. (Time, 2012) For each position, erase all but three to four bullet points. Highlight only your most impressive and relevant accomplishments.

Ask Others for Advice Let’s say you have completed the steps above and your resume is still topping out at three pages. It is time to call in the reinforcements. Ask family, friends or acquaintances what else you can send to the cutting block. This is a great opportunity for others to proofread your document too!

Don’t Forget Your Google Resume!

Your resume is finally one-page long. Success! Only, you really wish you could have included details about an internship, as well as your recent volunteer efforts in the local community. There is an easy solution. Add this information, and more, to your LinkedIn account where there are no recommended length restrictions. And, since 70% of hiring managers use social media for screening and 44% have been influenced to hire based on information from a social networking site, this may provide you with an additional advantage. (Business News Daily, 2017)

Are You Looking for More Resume Tips?

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