There are few things more frustrating than finding the perfect candidate only to have them accept an offer at another company. Not only have you lost your first-choice employee, but also you have spent time and resources without the desired result. Hopefully, you have a strong second choice. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

So, what can an organization do to outwit its competitors in the hiring game? Employee poaching is not required. Often the trick to attracting top talent begins with building a better business and recruiting smarter.

How to Attract the Best and the Brightest

Pay Competitively

Google receives over two million job applications each year. Statistically, a high school student has a better chance of getting into Harvard University (1:16) than a potential employee has of being hired at Google (1:130). (Aol, 2107) Why are people so eager to work there? Although Google offers high salaries, they are legendary for their fantastic perks including free gourmet food, complimentary rides to work, a generous parental leave policy and a 50% retirement match. Most companies cannot beat Google’s benefits package. However, your organization should consider what it can offer to employees compared to competitors in your market. This might range from higher pay to better health care to more flexible working hours.

Cultivate Culture

There are certain companies that are famous for being good employers. Think Zappos, Facebook and Southwest Airlines. People want to work for these institutions because they make their employees feel valued and inspired. Your organization does not need to be a tech giant or a Fortune 500 company to compete. Wegmans Food Markets, a regional grocery chain headquartered in Rochester, NY, has been listed on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For for the past twenty-one years! Let your reputation proceed you. Top talent is likely to follow.


One of the best ways to find high performing workers is to always be looking for high performing workers. When you meet a talented individual at a conference, on social media or even at a friend’s dinner party, take down their contact information. Your company may not have a position for them now, but who knows what could happen? Add them to your network, keep in touch and let them know if there is an opening. Enlist the help of your current employees with networking too. Referrals often prove to be good fits, because they have a connection with and therefore at least some familiarity with your organization. Be careful, however, not to hire solely on relationships as this can backfire. Screening and interviewing should always remain an important part of the process.

How to Outwit Your Competitors

What if you still can’t find quality employees in a tight market? With their comprehensive networks and extensive databases, an employment agency can provide an extra advantage for your organization. At Priority One Staffing, our professional recruiters are experts at finding and attracting tough-to-find candidates. Learn more about Who We Recruit today! Contact us to find out more.

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