Getting your foot in the door at great companies can be a challenge. But if you’re patience and persistent, you can be invited in.

What are five key steps?

Step #1: Know Why You’re Interested

Why do you want to get your foot in the door of a specific company? Is it the culture, values, or mission that interests you? Take time to understand what the company stands for, and determine if it’s a place where you really want a progressive career. If you’re convinced, it can motivate your job-search strategy and convince hiring managers you’re a top candidate.

But interest alone isn’t enough. Some estimates show that at least 70% of open positions are filled through networking—and at least 70% of the openings aren’t even listed. There is value in connecting with your target companies and their employees.

Step #2:  Find Ways to Connect with Companies

Social Media

The companies you want a career with likely have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other outlets. Connect with every company you’re interested in, and take note of their posts. It will help you learn about company news, events, and available positions. Many larger companies have social media accounts specifically for employment opportunities.


Follow companies on LinkedIn to access company news and information on job postings. Following a company can also lead you to its employees in roles related to your career goals.

Step #3: Connect with Company Employees

If you already have a relationship with someone who works at a company you’re interested in, it’s easier to connect with others in the company. Otherwise, find other ways to meet professionals and leaders with whom you can develop relationships. Some ideas include:

  • Join professional associations related to your career interests.
  • Get involved in community service.
  • Volunteer with non-profit organizations.

As you network, make it your priority to get acquainted with a variety of business professionals and to learn from them. Show genuine interest in your connections, and gradually let your career interests become known. It is okay to let a new connection know you’re interested in working for their company, but your interest shouldn’t dominate the conversation. Built trust first, and the referral or recommendation you want is more likely to follow.

Step #4: Stay Connected

It’s important to stay connected, or reconnect, with people in your professional network. A phone call, text, or e-mail can help keep the relationship going. What are some things to talk about?

  • Share a professional article.
  • Congratulate them on a new job or a job anniversary.
  • Simply check in to see how things are going.

Regular contact makes it easier to talk about your career goals and the companies that interest you.

Step #5: Network with a Trusted Staffing Partner

At Priority One Staffing Services, our network of employers in the Baltimore area can make it easier for you to find the career you want—with the company you want. Find a job near you and Apply with us.

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